Get beach ready in 4 simple steps

The sun is shining, summer is just around the corner and it’s time to get your skin and bodies beach ready. It’s easy for your skin to have become a bit dull and perhaps even dry over the winter. However, with a little work you can easily make the transition from winter skin to summer beauty. Here’s how:

Step 1: Using conditioning body wash, lather with water and wash all over. This will wash off surface impurities and help your skin to feel softer. Rinse off with cool water to get your circulation going. Go on. Grit your teeth. You can do it!

Step 2: Work a small amount of exfoliating body scrub into your body, concentrating on areas of dryness or problem areas. This will help remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture so your skin glows with health. Rinse off thoroughly.

Step 3: Massage body hydrating cream massage into your skin to instantly hydrate it, giving you a healthy glow. Use circular movements to help improve circulation. Wash off.

Step 4: Apply a good quality sunscreen that won’t wash off when you take a dip in the pool or try your hand at some beach volleyball.

When the sun goes down, apply a moisturiser. Better still; apply a sun repair super cooling post-recovery treatment balm. This will instantly comfort your skin. If you’ve also slightly overdone the amount of time you’ve been in the sun, it will also help reduce any discomfort and prevent peeling skin.

That’s everything! If you maintain this summer regime you can enjoy the golden glow of healthy, cared for summer skin.

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